Soil & Foliar Testing  

Testing for Macro and Micro Elements.

Why Get Your Soil Tested?

Most soil in Australia has limitations and deficiencies. Taking a soil test and analysing exactly what your soil needs allows you to address the limitations with specific inputs – maximising plant performance without wasting unnecessary input costs.We regularly test soil as it provides us with fundamental information for high productivity. 

We have a hoigh focus on soil fertility and work with you to achieve:

  • Humus creation for soil vitality
  • Structure improvements for better rooting depth
  • Soil water infiltration improvements and increased water holding capacity

These 3 factors play a major role in achieving crop resilience, crop performance and crop quality.





Your soil health report provides you with detailed and advanced interpretation:

  • It evaluates the levels of essential elements in your soil, highlighting limitations that need addressing for plant growth, health and productivity.
  • It analyses both the absolute and relative element levels in your soil.
  • It includes a soil amendment report; with specific recommendations about how to improve soil health and optimise productivity.
  • It highlights specific trace element requirements.


The Total Grower Services leaf test shows tested levels of essential elements in the crop against critical and target levels for the specific crop stage. These elements are then ranked with respect to limitations to optimum production to highlight elements for foliar correction. Our agronomists then mix up  CUSTOM FOLIARS SPRAYS specific for your crop needs.

While foliar application can be very useful in amending temporary deficiencies, our primary objective is to create optimum soil health for the lifetime of the crop through the use of our soil testing program.

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